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Health & Safety Committees

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSCs) are comprised of members of faculty, support and management staff. The committees meet every three months and discuss and recommend corrective actions for safety hazards and concerns identified.

The Central Health and Safety Coordinating Group is independent of the JOHSCs and is comprised of the Certified Members of each JOHSC and management staff members. This group discusses the safety hazards and concerns that apply college-wide and not just to the individual campuses.

To contact a committee member, please see the Membership List posted on your Health and Safety Bulletin board.

Meeting Minutes

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees for each campus meet quarterly. The minutes are posted on My Conestoga from the most recent meetings. For earlier meeting minutes or to see a signed copy, please contact the Occupational Health and Safety office at

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