Conestoga ONE Card

The Conestoga ONE Card is the official identification card for all students and employees. The card is designed to keep your life simple by offering an all-in-one solution for identity validation during exam writing, purchasing and discounts off campus (no cash needed!), accessing eligible on-campus services (e.g. library resources), and using Grand River Transit.

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One Card formats

Your ONE Card is available in two formats:

1. Digital ONE Card

An online version of your ONE Card is available as a digital format of your Conestoga College identification.

To view your digital One Card, log in to your ONE Card Portal account and select the ‘Display Card’ tab from the main menu.

Your digital ONE Card serves as a form of photo identification and confirms you are enrolled as a student at Conestoga College. You may use this digital ONE Card if you are required to provide photo identification to write an exam at the college, or you may wish to use it to prove you are a student to receive a “student” discount at a store.

Please note: your digital ONE Card is not enabled for purchases or for access to the GRT.

2. Physical ONE Card

All full-time registered students are provided with a physical ONE Card the week of orientation.

One Card Fall 2020 FAQs

For more information about where and how you can use your ONE Card, visit ONE Card services.

For more information about loading and using your ONE Card as a form of payment, visit Condor Cash.