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Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award

The Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award (AHA) recognizes a faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution to Conestoga College through teaching. The award is presented to those who have been leaders in teaching at Conestoga and are selected by other full-time faculty members. The candidates for the award are assessed and a winner is announced each year at Convocation.

Award winners receive $1500.00 in organizational development funds as well as a specially-designed liripipe and a framed Conestoga College coat of arms.

Previous nominees and winners

Learn about Aubrey Hagar


In order to be considered for the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award, the teacher must be a full-time, non-probationary faculty member at the time of nomination.


Candidates for the award must be nominated by a minimum of four people, at least one of whom is a current, full-time faculty member and at least two of whom must be current or former students. Support staff and administrators are also invited to be part of the nomination process. Download a copy of the nomination package (docx, password required). If you are having difficulty downloading the nomination package, please email

The Selection Committee

The committee is comprised of one full-time faculty member from each school in the college. Each school representative serves on the committee for a 3-year term. In addition, winners of the award are invited to sit on the committee for the two years following their successful candidacy. The Chair of Organizational Development leads the selection meetings but does not participate in the decision-making or in the final selection of the winner.

List of Committee Members

The Selection Process

Selection Committee members look for evidence that the nominated teacher meets many of the criteria listed below. Nominators should submit examples of the teacher’s work, letters of support, validation from appropriate sources and any other materials that will provide evidence of distinguished teaching. Nominators should also provide thorough descriptions and strong supportive evidence from each of the nominating groups (faculty, support staff, students, administrators) that demonstrate how the candidate meets the criteria.


The successful candidate will have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to or will have taken a leadership role in the teaching-learning process at Conestoga College as demonstrated by some or all of the following:

Examples of these qualities may include, but are not limited, to:

Competence in Learning Design
Contributions to new curriculum development.
Regular and thorough revisions of curriculum to reflect changes in content or student learning needs.
Development of course/program standards, learning outcomes and/or standards for evaluation.

Innovation and Creativity
Use of new and effective teaching methodologies to promote student learning.
Development of innovative teaching materials (learning packages, assignments, supplemental materials or other aids and strategies to assist student learning).

Integrity and Professionalism
Is honest, fair, trustworthy and respectful
Maintains confidentiality.
Actively maintains currency in his/her field of expertise.
Evaluates his/her own performance and constantly seeks to improve.
Participates in appropriate professional organizations.

Leadership in the Promotion of Quality in Education
Shares information and materials with colleagues.
Presents workshops or informal learning opportunities for peers.
Acts as a mentor to new faculty members.
Is recognized for excellence in his/her discipline.
Builds effective working relationships with all levels of staff.
Solves problems and assists with conflict resolution.

Concern and Sensitivity Towards Students
Conscientiously and consistently schedules time for students.
Assiduously addresses student concerns.
Solicits formal and informal feedback from students.
Acts as a student advisor.
Regularly attends and participates in student functions & college events.
Assists with student extra-curricular activities.
Assesses and adapts to individual student learning needs and styles.

Action as an Ambassador for the College.
Is knowledgeable concerning college programs and campuses.
Promotes the college and its activities in the classroom and in the community.
Assists with college events and activities.
Assists with community projects.
Participates on college committees and teams.

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