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Developmental Leave for Support Staff

A Developmental Leave is relief from College duties usually for a period of one to twelve months. The purpose of the Leave is to pursue developmental activities to further academic or technical skills where such activities will enhance the ability of the employee upon return to the College.

This program is open to support staff employees who have been full time members of the College for a period of not less than six years.

Requests for the Developmental Leave, containing a detailed statement of the nature of the proposed leave and its perceived benefit to the College and to the employee, are to be submitted in writing to the Chair, Organizational Development with a copy to the applicant's supervisor at least six months prior to the commencement of the Leave.

It is clearly understood that the College may grant a Developmental Leave to Support Staff with pay, without pay, or in some combination thereof, at its sole discretion. Potential applicants are advised to consult Article 9.3 of the Collective Agreement for specific details regarding these Leaves.

Successful applicants must return to the College for a period of at least one year following the end of the Leave.

For further information please contact Jeff Fila, Manager, Organizational Development at ext. 3381 or Shelley Schenk, Manager, Human Resources ext. 3333.

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