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Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award

Who is Aubrey Hagar anyway?
Aubrey Hagar was an administrator with the College for 17 years. Before his retirement in 1986, he served in many roles, including Director of Academic and College Planning and Director of Strategic Planning.

Why is a faculty award named after an administrator?
Aubrey Hagar was/is respected by many college employees. He has been described as a "visionary in education", as someone who "always knew what was going on in the College" and who "really cared about teachers". When Mr. Hagar retired, faculty and union representatives created this award in his name because he embodied the qualities that created excellence in the teaching-learning process.

What is this award all about?
The Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award was created to "recognize the outstanding contribution by and/or leadership of a faculty member related to the teaching-learning process". The structure of the committee and the criteria for the award were created by College faculty with support from senior management, the faculty union and Mr. Hagar. Mr. Hagar continues to maintain a keen interest in the award and is consulted about proposed changes to the selection process or criteria.

How is the winner chosen?
Nominations for the Award are sought from all areas of the College. A selection committee, comprised of representatives from all schools in the College, chooses the winner according to criteria attached. This is an award given by faculty to faculty.

Who wins this award and what do they receive?
Award winners receive $1500.00 in professional development funds as well as a specially designed liripipe and a framed Conestoga College coat of arms.

How is the award funded?
The fund was initiated from cash donated by individual College employees at a retirement dinner for Aubrey Hagar. The $1500.00 award given to the winning faculty member annually comes from interest on the account.

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