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Parking Tickets

Parking enforcement at all Conestoga campuses and the Residence is governed by both Conestoga College and the municipality in which the campus is located.

Appeal or Pay a Parking Ticket

If you wish to appeal or pay a Conestoga issued parking ticket, please use the Lookup a Ticket process online.  All appeals must be done online. Appeals must be received within five (5) days of the offence. No appeals will be done in person or by email. A valid appeal can be based only on the contention that a violation was issued contrary to the Parking Regulations or in error before an appeal will be considered.

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Getting a Parking Ticket

  1. You must have a valid parking permit or pay and display stub to park on campus.
  2. Make sure your permit or pay and display stub is clearly displayed at all times. Watch for air fresheners or sun screens blocking your permit.
  3. If you forget your permit contact Parking Services right away. Please know your licence plate, the make and model of your vehicle and which parking lot you are parked in.
  4. If you are parking by the hour, make sure you have given yourself enough time.
  5. Do not park in a fire route or bus route.
  6. Do not park in reserved spaces or lots that have been closed.
  7. Unless you have a valid Ontario Accessibility permit do not park in an accessible space.
  8. Do not alter your permit or your pay and display stub.
  9. If your parking lot is full, contact Parking Services for assistance
  10. Always park in a parking space.
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