Office of the President

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President's Office Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Document Name Effective Date Revised / Reviewed Related Documents Effective Date Revised / Reviewed
Conestoga Coats of Arms Policy 4/1/2012
Health and Safety Policy - Employees, Students, Contractors and Visitors 6/4/2018 8/17/2018
Naming Policy 8/26/2009 8/17/2018 Naming Procedure 2/26/2009 11/5/2014
Selection of Convocation Speakers Procedure 5/8/2012 5/21/2013
Conestoga College Sexual Assault Policy 3/2/2015 5/2/2017 Conestoga College Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Procedure 3/4/2015 5/2/2017
Policy Statement on Upholding Free Speech 1/1/2019 12/17/2018