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Applied Research at Conestoga

At Conestoga, we use the term "applied research" to encompass activities such as surveys, clinical research, engineering designs and business solutions. These applications of science involve practical solutions for real-world problems and often lead to the development of new products, processes, technologies or applications. Applied research is central to our mandate to provide high-quality polytechnic education.

Conestoga continues to expand its applied research areas in business, advanced manufacturing, informatics, advancing seniors care and supply chain management (see Our Centres for more information). These areas of interests are only a small sample of the wide-range of applied research opportunities that exists within Conestoga. From capstone/final-year/thesis projects, to curriculum projects, to externally-funded independent research projects, Conestoga provides applied research opportunities for students, faculty, researchers, communities, companies, and other postsecondary institutions to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Conestoga's Applied Research & Innovation (CARI) office exists to "bridge" the opportunities across industry, service sectors, funders, and Conestoga. The CARI office provides assistance in finding government funding, developing funding applications, processing contracts and agreements, and managing a variety of project processes.

How to start?

Contact the CARI office and we can guide you through the applied research journey.

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