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Provincial Funding Agencies of Interest

OCE - Ontario Centres of Excellence

“The Ontario Centres of Excellence is the pre-eminent research-to-commercialization vehicle in Ontario. Created in response to Ontario’s most critical competitive challenges, we facilitate economic growth through support for industrially relevant R&D, the opening of new market opportunities and the commercialization of leading edge discovery. We build strong industry and academic relationships. And, we stimulate knowledge transfer through the development of bright minds, moving their skills to the market. OCE's Research Program is focused on meeting the competitive needs of Ontario industry by tapping into the remarkable potential for Ontario colleges, universities and hospitals to act as generators of innovation. The Program invests to ensure that scientific excellence and commercial viability converge to drive Ontario's productivity and global competitiveness. It consists of four targeted initiatives:”

  1. Interact: Research Collaborations that create new industry-academic relationships.
  2. Proof of Concept: Feasibility studies that test an idea to mitigate the risk of further research investments.
  3. Champions of Innovation: Research projects that develop disruptive technologies with the potential to create new markets and form the basis for new start-up companies.
  4. Collaborative Research: Research collaborations between industry and academia that move technologies from the lab to the marketplace.


“The CME SMART program will provide up to 50% of eligible program costs, to a maximum of $50,000 per project, and focuses on the following three key areas, which can help Ontario manufacturers get ahead: Lean manufacturing and process improvements; Information and communications technology; and Energy efficiency.
Eligible productivity improvement projects include: lean manufacturing; lean design; quality improvement; energy efficiency; IT best practices; and environmental impact reduction. The primary focus of projects will not just improve efficiency incrementally, but to transform the way manufacturers do business and make companies substantially more competitive.”

Ministry of Research and Innovation

“The Ministry of Research and Innovation was created to focus on the government’s commitment to innovation as the driver of growth across all sectors of the economy. The Ministry’s mandate is to: develop an integrated innovation strategy and guide its delivery; invest in both policies and programs to deliver on the innovation strategy; and foster a culture of innovation and showcase Ontario’s innovative culture, nationally and internationally.”

IDF - The Innovation Demonstration Fund

“The Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) is a discretionary, non-entitlement funding program administered by the Ministry of Research and Innovation that focuses on the commercialization and initial demonstration of globally competitive, innovative technologies, processes and/or products. The objective of the IDF is to help companies in their efforts to commercialize innovative technologies in Ontario. Subject to funding limits, and the discretionary nature of the program, IDF will consider support to proponents developing and commercializing innovative new and emerging technologies that are shown to be among the most competitive and advanced in North America. Preference will be given to bio-based, environmental and alternative energy technologies. The funding is to be used for technology demonstration activities at the pilot stage.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

“The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is changing its focus and embracing a new direction. As staff continues to work towards better health care for Ontarians, stewardship will become the ministry’s mission and mandate. This new stewardship role will mean that the ministry will provide overall direction and leadership for the system, focusing on planning, and on guiding resources to bring value to the health system.”

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs

The Research and Innovation Branch (RIB) located in OMAFRA's Research and Corporate Services Division, is responsible for the coordination of activities associated with OMAFRA funding of agri-food research in Ontario. RIB takes the lead on managing funding and research programs, including the mechanisms for setting priorities for publicly funded research in Ontario. It also has responsibility for coordinating Ontario's agri-food research programs with industry, other provincial and federal government departments and initiatives, including the Ministry of Research and Innovation and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO)

“The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) is an independent agency funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The Council provides leadership in creating a quality framework for the post-secondary education sector; monitors and reports on accessibility to the government and Ontarians; encourages inter-institutional transfer; and advises on system planning and inter-jurisdictional competitiveness.”

Talent First Network Proof of Principle (TFN-POP)

The Talent First Network (TFN) is a province-wide initiative that enables the transfer of (i) open source technology, (ii) knowledge about competing in open environments, and (iii) talented students with skills in the commercialization of open source assets from academic institutions to Ontario companies, the not-for-profit sector and open source communities. The Talent First Network was launched in July of 2006 with the financial support of the Ministry of Research and Innovation's Ontario Research Commercialization Program. The goal of the TFN-POP is to establish an ecosystem anchored around the commercialization of open source technology developed at academic institutions in Ontario. An Ontario-wide general Call for Proposals was initiated in December 2007 to solicit proposals for the TFN-POP.

HealthForceOntario (HFO)

HealthForceOntario (HFO) is a collaborative initiative, announced May 3, 2006, involving two Ontario Canada ministries: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ontario) and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The goal of the HealthForceOntario strategy is ensure that Ontarians have access to the right number and mix of qualified health care providers, now and in the future. Its mandate is to identify and address Ontario's health human resource needs; engage partners in education and health care to develop skilled, knowledgeable providers and create the health care delivery teams that will make the most of their abilities; introduce new and expanded provider roles to increase the number of providers working in health care and build on the skills of those already in the system; and to make Ontario the employer-of-choice for all health care providers. Initiatives include:

  1. Underserviced Area Program: Offers incentives aimed at recruiting and retaining health care providers in underserviced areas of Ontario.
  2. Allied Health Professional Development Fund: The Allied Health Professional Development Fund extends skill and knowledge development opportunities to 9 health professions.
  3. Healthy Work Environments Innovation Fund Grant Program (pdf): This fund is part of HealthForceOntario's health human resources strategy and will support projects that focus on preventing workplace violence and improving worker safety.
  4. Interprofessional Care/Education Fund: The Interprofessional Care/Education Fund (ICEF) is a funding program that will provide support to innovative health education or health care projects that foster and build interprofessional teams.

Ontario Power Authority - Technology Development Fund (pdf)

The Technology Development Fund is a grant fund established to help promote the development and commercialization of technologies that have the potential to improve electricity supply, conservation or demand management. Pre-commercial technologies or applications typically face a greater challenge in attracting the interest of venture capitalists and manufacturers due to the risk associated with projects at this stage. The Fund's objective is to help these technologies and processes evolve to more commercially viable stages so they can benefit Ontario's electricity consumers. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) provides funding for selected projects either directly to the applicant or to one of the Fund's two managing institutions, the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and CEATI International (Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation). The managing institution, in turn, pools this financial support with that of other funders to maximize the leverage of the OPA's contribution.

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