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Respect Committee Task Force

In winter 2008, a cross-college group of students, Conestoga Student Inc., and College employees were invited to participate on a committee to develop the strategy for the Respect Campaign.

The scope of the Respect Campaign Committee's work encompassed the following: determining the need for the campaign on the College campus, defining the word "respect" and the Campaign's message, creating an organizational analysis and situational analysis, determining the target audiences for the campaign, developing Campaign objectives, brainstorming communication tactics, and lastly, creating the tagline for the "feel" of the campaign.

The membership for the Respect Campaign Committee was designed to represent a cross-sector of various college departments and services, along with college programs that touch on respect and diversity in their program, Conestoga Students Inc. and students from diverse backgrounds.

The Committee was comprised of College staff, faculty and students who provide feedback towards the development and evaluation of the Campaign. By having a committee so vast in size, it provided a great opportunity for members that represent such an array in differences of opinion to come together to sculpt a common definition and direction for what Respect looks like at Conestoga.

The Respect Campaign Committee membership included:

Through the several meetings that took place throughout the winter 2008 semester, the Respect Campaign Committee was able to agree that the Campaign is a powerful opportunity to reinforce the good behaviour that is already prevalent in the Conestoga College community, and can serve as a platform to provide more tools for development and growth with regards to respectful behaviours.

The Committee met one final time in September 2008 to unveil the “Respect: Understanding our Students” video and to share thanks for all members for their participation in the development of the Respect Campaign’s message.

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