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The Respect Campaign has undergone evaluation and assessment each year to ensure that several objectives are continuously being met.

Purpose: Ensure that the Respect Campaign remains a successful initiative that reinforces a respectful, welcoming and inclusive community at Conestoga College.

Objectives of the Campaign

  1. Reinforce the good behaviours already established on our campus
  2. Develop awareness of the impact of disrespectful behaviours
  3. Encourage action by providing students with the tools to act as leaders and role models of the campaign message
  4. Encourage courtesy, respect and civility as topics of discussion among the student body on campus

Assessment Tools:

  1. A pre- and post-survey exclusively to Residence students
  2. The Respect Workshop student evaluation form
  3. The Respect Campaign year-end online survey
  4. The Respect Reps year-end evaluation form.

Result: An Assessment Results and Recommendations Report are formulated for each year of the Respect Campaign, which provides an overview of all of the above-mentioned evaluation tools. Links to the results for each previous academic year of the Campaign are included below.

The Respect Campaign shares a commitment to providing seamless transparency with all of its successes and challenges, and thanks all members of the College community for their continued commitment in reinforcing the Respect Campaign's message.

2012/2013 Academic Year

2011/2012 Academic Year

2010/2011 Academic Year

2009/2010 Academic Year

2008/2009 Academic Year

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