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With Thanks

Conestoga College would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to Confederation College for its support in the initial discussions and planning phases of our Respect Campaign.

Respect logo The concept for a Respect Campaign at Conestoga was born in thanks to Confederation College's vision to build a respectful and tolerant campus community for their students in Thunder Bay, Ont. When Conestoga was brainstorming approaches to help promote respect at our college, Confederation College and SUCCI (Student Union of Confederation College Inc.) were very supportive in sharing best practices, resources and support in the planning phases. In particular, we are thankful to Thomas Russell and Jim Lees for their ideas and feedback, and to Thomas for visiting Conestoga to present their Respect Campaign for our students and employees.

While Conestoga has been able to build a campaign of its own with its own unique messages, goals, objectives, vision and distinctive look, we remain indebted to Confederation College for their support.

We welcome you to visit their Respect website at

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