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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why a Respect Campaign?

A: Conestoga College's student-centered Respect campaign is intended to reinforce the good behaviours and attitudes already established on our campus. We encourage courtesy, respect and civility as topics of discussion among the student body on campus and hope to inspire action by providing students with the tools at act as leaders and role models of the campaign message.

Q: When does the Campaign end?

A: While we use the term “Campaign” commonly to describe the Respect Campaign, it is an ongoing yearly initiative with no forecasted end date.

Q: Who runs the Respect Campaign?

A: The Respect Campaign is an initiative developed and led through the College’s Student Life Department. The initiative is coordinated by Student Life Programmer Laura Black with the leadership support of other staff in the Student Life Department.

Q: If I need to report something disrespectful, how does the Respect Campaign help?

A: The Respect Campaign is not an avenue for reporting acts of disrespect, vandalism, discrimination or harassment. If there is a problem you enter with another member of the college community, we encourage you to approach the person about the problem first and discuss it directly with the person. Should you feel you need assistance with the concern, refer to your Student Guide for assistance on procedures or visit the College Policies section on this website to links to policies and information on reporting forms. If you are unsure of any procedures, contact a counsellor in Counselling Services. They will refer you to the appropriate staff member.

Q: How can I get involved with the Respect Campaign?

A: Students are invited to get involved by joining the Respect Rep team, a volunteer committee of students who help to plan activities and events to support the Campaign’s message. Visit the Respect Reps/Leaders tab to find out more! Faculty and staff are invited to attend open viewing presentations designated for employees to learn more about the Respect Campaign and the view the Respect video. Faculty are also encouraged to welcome the Respect Workshop into their classes, and staff may do the same for thier department.

Q: I am from another organization or post-secondary institution and would like to use the materials on your website. May I?

A: Before any resources are used from this website, please contact Student Life Programmer Laura Black to make a formal request. The resources on this website are for the dedicated use of Conestoga College students and employees unless permission is granted.

Q: What are some of the ways you promote Respect at Conestoga?

A: The Respect Campaign is promoted through our Respect Leaders who organize events and activities on campus with support from our Respect Rep team. They also host booth displays on campus and provide outreach throughout the academic year. The Respect workshop reaches more than 100 first-year classes each year, and a number of promotional tools (posters, brochures, swag) are distributed annually at Conestoga’s campuses each year.

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