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Respect Campaign Logo

Courtney Winhold

Conestoga College’s Respect Campaign for 2008/2009, including the Respect logo, was designed by Courtney Winhold, a second-year Graphic Design program student. Courtney held an internship position in Student Life throughout summer 2008.

Courtney ambitiously took on the task to design the branding and visuals that would become the College’s student Respect Campaign. As part of this, Courtney was asked to create a logo that would be seen as professional, eye-appealing, dimensional and would hold the essence of what Respect means at Conestoga College.

Out of hundreds of designs that were brainstormed, six attractive options were presented to the Respect Campaign Committee in June 2008. The Committee, as well as numerous other students and employees, provided their feedback on which logo they felt would connect with all populations at Conestoga College, including students, faculty, staff, administration, outsourced employees and visitors to the College.

After receiving feedback from various areas, the chosen logo was proudly launched in August 2008. The logo includes the Campaign’s motto, “Be the difference”, and the College’s red and blue colours were used to represent Conestoga’s school spirit.

The dimensional and unique arrowhead fan-shaped design was borrowed from Conestoga’s “C” logo. We are proud that the Respect logo is truly a design that is uniquely Conestoga College.

Conestoga College Logo & Respect Logo

Respect is proud to have a Campaign that, in full circle, reflects the students at Conestoga College and showcases the work of our Conestoga students and alumni.

Students or staff who are interested in incorporating the Respect logo in any communication materials, etc., are asked to please contact
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