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All of the posters from the Respect Campaign "Thank You for Being the Difference" poster series have been proudly designed by Conestoga College Graphic Design students. Thank you to Courtney Winhold, Katy Horst, Jennifer Boergers, Amy Eaton, Mariangelica Forero and Warren Jones for their dedicated work on the posters.

The posters showcase members of the Conestoga community who acknowledge that sometimes it's the small things that can truly make the difference. It is the hope that the posters will help you consider ways that you can contribute to a respectful campus community.

The use of Conestoga's Respect Campaign posters is permitted for personal Conestoga student/employee use only, for the purposes of promoting the Respect Campaign, and/or for 'student projects' use. The posters or photos cannot be used in any other way without the consent of the Student Life Department at Conestoga College. For more information, contact the Student Life Department at .

2012/2013 Poster Series

2011/2012 Poster Series

2010/2011 Poster Series

2009/2010 Poster Series

2008/2009 Poster Series

Hallway Poster

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