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What It Means To Me

Respect can mean a lot of different things to different people. Read more about what Respect means to some members of your college community!

If you would like to submit your own definition of Respect, please submit it in person to the Student Life Department, Room 2A117 - Doon Campus. Please include your name, contact information, program name or work position, and a typed definition. A photo headshot will also be asked for inclusion on this webpage.

John Tibbits

"Responsibility is a key element of respect. As individuals, we must take responsibility for our own attitudes and actions. When we do so, we set an example that encourages others to do so as well. The result is a community where there is a strong foundation for dialogue, discussion, personal growth and progress."
- President Dr. John Tibbits

Elizabeth Spanjer

"Respect creates a mutual understanding among individuals which expands our horizons, includes everyone in otherwise unrealized opportunities and encourages us to challenge our stereotypes."
- Elizabeth Spanjer, Business Administration-Management Student and Respect Leader

Janina Robinson

"Respect to me means openness and acceptance of others, and recognizing that difference is a gift, not a fault. I believe that Respect also means finding opportunities to always continue learning and growing in your understanding of others and how you can best support those that you come in contact with."
- Janina Robinson, Student Life Programmer

Amanda Lyster

"Respect is all about the attitude you have, the attention you give, and the acceptance you show."
- Amanda Lyster, Business Administration-Management Student

Jacob Tremaine

"Respect can be seen as engaging people in a way that is appropriate for the situation at hand. Smiling and saying "Hi" to people in the hall or on the street is an example of this. Knowledge and confidence in yourself is key. An anecdote I've heard explains this better: Before you clean your city, you clean your neighborhood. Before you clean your neighborhood, you clean your yard. Before you clean your yard, you clean your house. Although, after cleaning, it's often good to have a shower. Respect starts with yourself."
- Jacob Tremaine, Health Informatics Student and Respect Leader

Warren Jones

"Respect to me means being thoughtful, inclusive and open minded to all. To always remember that everything on this planet is unique in its own way. I believe that whether you're respecting people, places, animals or the environment that respect is a key part in any community in bringing us together in the best and worst of times."
- Warren Jones, Graphic Design Student

Jaclyn Lowes

"Respect to me is being open-minded and understanding that everyone is entitled to their views and perspectives and values. Respect is a key component to building trust and relationships. Respect is people being non-judgemental allowing everyone the chance to be happy and free. Respect is treating people how you would want to be treated."
- Jaclyn Lowes, Residence Life Coordinator

Nicola Harmer

"To me, respect means treating everyone equally. It means recognizing that every individual is a person of worth. Respect means accepting others without judgment, and valuing the unique backgrounds, talents and abilities every person has. Respect also means thinking about how your own actions can affect others. It involves making a conscious decision to act in a caring, positive manner through your verbal and non-verbal behaviour."
- Nicola Harmer, Social Service Worker Student & Respect Leader

Holly Featherstone

"To me, Respect is a fundamental, universal language upon which all other forms of communication are possible. It is the basis by which we interact with one another and comprehend each other. Without it, communication and a sense of community are broken. Respect is also something mutually shared. We have to be willing to be an exemplar of Respect in order to receive it. The best practice of Respect is to be conscious of it; to create positive environments and encourage interactions that surpass all other forms of communication. By bringing the concept of Respect into our conscious thought, we can help facilitate change and be the difference."
- Holly Featherstone, Public Relations Degree Student & Respect Leader

Laura Quirk

"Respect is often something we are taught as children but the older I get, the more important it has become. I believe everyone should be treated with respect simply because they are persons. To me that includes concepts of justice and equality, cultural diversity and toleration, agency and ethics. In other words, respect is shown through behaviour, attitude and an openness to another's perspective."
- Dr. Laura Quirk, Faculty

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