A lockdown may only be authorized by the Incident Manager (Director of Safety and Security) or their designate (Security, Safety and Parking Manager).

Shelter in place

A shelter in place response is initiated when there is an environmental threat or hazard near a campus. This means there are noxious or harmful airborne particles in the air around the campus and it is safer for people to stay inside than to be exposed to the particles outside.

Normal operations are to continue inside the building, however, all ventilation fans, heating and air conditioning system are turned off to prevent contaminated outside air from entering the building.

This procedure is to continue until the external threat is resolved and Emergency Services gives the “All Clear” announcement.

Hold and secure

A hold and secure response is initiated when there is a criminal threat near a campus. This means it is safer for people to be inside the building than outside because police are looking for someone threatening in the area.

In this situation the procedures are:

Violent threat

Active attacker response:

The evacuation and barricade procedure is outlined below:

Shooting/Hostage situation

If you hear gunfire on campus we recommend the following:

  1. RUN and GET OUT, choose a safe exit if safe, and move far away from the building.
  2. Hide in a secure room or space. Turn off the lights, lock and barricade the door and seek cover.
  3. Notify Security Services at ext. 5555 immediately.
  4. Assist people with disabilities exiting the area.
  5. Notify others in the area to exit the building immediately.
  6. Do not attract the shooter's attention.

Active attacker

If someone appears to be armed or has begun actively attacking (i.e. shooting or attacking someone with a weapon), take one of the following actions, depending on the circumstances:


If it is not safe to exit the building, follow the barricade procedure:


If the fire alarm sounds, assess the situation and respond accordingly:

What to do if taken hostage


It is college policy that no one is allowed to have a weapon while on campus, or at any events sponsored by the college.

A weapon is defined as any firearm (loaded or unloaded), a knife or any device designed as a weapon capable of producing death or bodily harm.

In the event a weapon is discovered in the possession of any individual:

If the person with the weapon is not in the immediate area:

If the person with the weapon demands anything, follow instructions as best you can: