Medical, Psychological Crisis

Medical Crisis

A medical emergency can range from a serious life-threatening situation (i.e. heart attack, head injury, significant loss of blood, seizure) to a minor cut, scrape or someone not feeling well.

In all cases, Campus Security should be contacted for assistance.

For urgent situations where the victim cannot go to the Security Office or is not conscious:

  1. You must notify Security by calling 519-748-5220 ext. 5555 or by using an emergency phone.
  2. While waiting for the arrival of Campus Security and Emergency Services, keep the crowd back from the area around the patient and make sure there is a clear approach route.
  3. Only provide first aid if you are trained.

Psychological Crisis

A psychological crisis exists when an individual is threatening harm to his/herself or to others, or is out of touch with reality due to severe drug reactions or a psychotic break.

A psychotic break may be manifested by hallucinations or uncontrollable behaviour.

If a psychological crisis occurs: