Reporting Emergencies

Emergency phone numbers

Police, Fire, Ambulance: Dial 9 (for outside line) then dial 9-1-1

Campus Security: 519-748-5220, ext. 5555

All emergency phones are linked directly to Security. Your call will be answered immediately by someone who will be able to monitor you on a security camera.

It is important to stay calm when making an emergency call as Security will ask you a series of questions:

  1. Your name
  2. Nature of emergency
  3. A phone number or extension where you can be reached

DO NOT hang up the phone until Security has all pertinent information.

When calling 911 from a college extension, it is essential that Security be notified of all emergency situations so they can respond and direct emergency vehicles to the correct location.

Fire emergency

Upon discovery of fire

Your safety is the prime consideration.

Sound a fire alarm at a pull station if the alarm has not been activated. Assist anyone in immediate danger to safety without undue risk to yourself.

If the fire is spreading rapidly, leave the area immediately and close any door behind you.

Persons with mobility impairments should proceed to the nearest Emergency Evacuation Zone (EEZ), inform Security of your presence by using the yellow Emergency phone at each location.


Upon exiting the building, move at least 15 metres (50 feet) away from the building for your safety and to allow access for emergency vehicles. Listen for for the "All Clear" announcement before re-entering the building.

If you cannot leave your area or have to find an area of refuge because of fire or heavy smoke, remain where you are and: