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How to Apply

All students interested in the English Conversation Partner Program should apply through their Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Matches are expected to meet with their partners for one hour, once per week, on-campus.

Please note that English Language Learners should be at least a Level 3 of the English Language Studies Program, or equivalent.

To Register:

  1. Log in to myConestoga, click on the CCR icon and locate the "English Conversation Partner" Organization.
  2. 'Join' the English Conversation Partner Organization
  3. Click on 'Events,' and click RSVP to the English Language Learner or Volunteer Event
  4. Click on 'Forms,’ fill out the ECP Form and submit
  5. You will be contacted by a Student Life staff member with information on the next steps.

If you have questions about the English Conversation Partner program, please contact Chelsea Winn at

For questions regarding your Co-Curricular Record, please contact:

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