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Women in Trades

Are you thinking about a career in the Skilled Trades?

Non-traditional occupations for women, such as the skilled trades, can offer a direct route to a secure and fulfilling future.

Whether you’re choosing a career for the first time or considering a career change, a non-traditional career path can be just the thing for you. It can help you: balance work and family life, keep learning and growing as long as you wish and contribute to your community in ways you may have not yet considered.

Conestoga College is a leader in skilled trades training for women. Through gender specific programming and opportunities for mentorship, Conestoga has assisted many women in pursuing a rewarding career in the skilled trades.

Alumni in Trades

Kate Parr, Alumni

Kate Parr

In trades, it's about getting the job completed correctly and safely, not about physical strength.

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Getting Started

Different paths for women to take to enter into trades and apprenticeship

Pathways to Trades

See the many pathways that women can take to a rewarding career in the skilled trades.

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Imagine a Rewarding Career

Whether you are a high school student unsure about your future career path or a woman looking for a career change, Trades and Apprenticeship may be your answer.

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