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Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

It’s your school – so get involved!!

We need volunteers.  The Marketing department at Conestoga is an exciting place to work and volunteer.  We need great students like you to represent Conestoga at events, on student panels, and as tour guides.  The opportunity to become a Student Ambassador enables you to make connections within the school community and is an excellent reference on your resume.  Meet new people, attend exciting events, and help spread the word that Conestoga is the right choice!

You will receive training and may qualify for the ‘Work Study’ program.  Come, check it out.

Student Panels

Volunteers are needed for Student Panels throughout the year.  Conestoga College hosts special tours for prospective students from high schools, public schools and other organizations who will benefit from hearing your story.  We also host events for high school guidance counsellors and teachers where they have the opportunity to listen to you talk about your experiences.  Participation in a student panel consists of a 5-7 minute talk where you will:

You will have an opportunity to make a difference and possibly change a life.

Contact: Michelle Devereaux , Event and Tour Coordinator

Tour Guides

Tour Guides play a significant role in educating and informing prospective students and their guests about Conestoga’s campus and services throughout the school year.  These specially trained students will provide leadership and guidance through the information provided during the campus tour.   Tour Guides can be a paid or volunteer opportunity.

Contact: Michelle Devereaux , Event and Tour Coordinator

Event Volunteers

Conestoga College host three large events throughout the school year and we need your help.   ‘College Fair’, ‘Open House’ and ‘Explore Conestoga’ are important recruitment events held each spring and fall where students, guidance counsellors, parents and the general public are invited to visit Conestoga.  Volunteers help make the event a success by greeting and directing guests, giving tours, helping with set-up and assisting exhibitors.

Contact: Michelle Devereaux , Event and Tour Coordinator

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