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Board of Governors

Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is governed by a Board of Governors that includes 12 volunteers appointed from the external community as well as the College President and four elected volunteers from Conestoga's internal community representing our students, faculty, support staff and administration.

The Board of Governors' mandate is to administer the affairs of Conestoga, establishing overall goals, objectives and strategic direction for the College and providing oversight and stewardship to ensure that Conestoga is effectively and efficiently fulfilling its mission.

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Board Members, 2016 - 2017

Community Members:

Peter Benninger – chair

Mike Collins – vice-chair

Lydia Chudleigh – vice-chair

Bernadette Behm

Jane Black

Ian Cook

Paul Dyck

Rene Gatien

Jennifer Knapp

Larry Ryan

Steve Sachs

Robin Todd

College Representatives:

Rachel Caldwell – administration

Kendra Drohan - students

Pegah Ensafi – support staff

Stephen Hummel – faculty

Ex Officio:

John Tibbits, President

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