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Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Best Practices for Accommodations

At the beginning of each semester, sign language interpreters or computerized note takers will arrive to class a few minutes early and discretely introduce themselves and explain their role in the classroom.

Sign language interpreters will position themselves close to the instructor, the board and/or multi-media equipment to provide the clearest line of sight and enhance learning for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. An interpreter is responsible for interpreting English into American Sign Language and vice versa. Due to the interpreting process, responses and questions from students who are deaf or hard of hearing may have a slight delay.

Computerized note takers will position themselves near the front of the class and may require access to an electrical outlet . The role of a note taker is to electronically document all verbal communication during scheduled class and program hours. The student may choose to sit with the note taker and read off their screen. The note taker will provide electronic copies of the notes within 24 hours of each class to the identified student only.

Communication: Make eye contact and speak directly to students that are deaf or hard of hearing as you would any other student. The interpreter is simply there to facilitate the conversation.

Access to learning materials: It is important that interpreters and note takers have access to learning materials ahead of time to allow them time to prepare so they can convey the message clearly.

Allow for breaks: Interpreting and note taking are mentally and physically strenuous tasks. Service providers require a 10 minute break every 50 minutes. These breaks need to be integrated into each class so deaf and hard of hearing students do not miss any information.

Closed caption policy: Ensure that all videos being shown in the classroom or on eConestoga are closed captioned. Always turn the captioning on. To get media captioned contact Jennevie Orio-Bebel ext.2808.

Staff Manuals

Faculty Resources

The following faculty resources have been prepared by the College Committee on Disability Issues (CCDI).

Click on the link to open up the document in a ready to print format.

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