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Students Using FM Systems

Best Practices for Accommodations

FM Systems: What are they and how do they work? 

A Frequency Modulated (FM) system is a wireless communication device designed to support persons who are hard of hearing. It consists of a transmitter microphone used by the speaker and a receiver used by the listener. The receiver can transmit the sound into the person's ears or directly into a hearing aid.

Using an FM system enhances the "signal-to-noise" ratio or the amount of signal (speech) that can be heard in a noisy environment. It makes it easier for the listener to hear the message because sound can be captured closer to the speaker and transmitted directly to the individual, which provides greater clarity of speech/sound and a reduction in background noise.

Tips for Using an FM System: 

Speak in a normal tone of voice with the microphone approximately 15 to 20 cm away from your mouth. Clip the FM transmitter onto clothing or wear around your neck. Please ensure you wear it for each class. 

Teach from the front of the class: Information may be missed when the speaker is walking up and down the aisles or speaking from the back of the room. 

Be aware a personal hearing aid has an optimum range of two to three meter radius: Beyond that distance, background noise can interfere. 

Use visual aids as much as possible: Visual aids help many students grasp new information.

Keep your face visible to the audience: Some students will rely on facial expressions, lip reading and voice to understand what is being said. When writing on the board, turn and face the class when you are speaking. 

Repeat questions or statements made by other students. 

For in-class discussions pass the transmitter to the speaker or, place it in a central location when working in small groups. 

Remove the transmitter during private conversations. 

Ensure that all videos being shown are closed captioned: Always turn the captioning on. To get media captioned contact Jennevie Orio-Bebel ext.2802.

Staff Manuals

Faculty Resources

The following faculty resources have been prepared by the College Committee on Disability Issues (CCDI).

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