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Foundations Workplace Skills Research Project (FWSP)

Project Details

What is the FWSP?

It is a FREE program that helps unemployed or underemployed people gain the Essential Skills and confidence they need for career success.

How Do I Register to attend an Info Session?

Phone: 519-772-4605 x5611

What does the project involve?

  1. Attend an information session
  2. Attend an intake session
  3. (if selected) Attend a 2-week portfolio workshop
    • This workshop will help participants understand the skills required for career success, research job postings related to your career goal and recognize the skills employer are looking for, create a portfolio to showcase and explain your skills to employers.
  4. If required, participate in Skills Enhancement to gain the skills needed for sustainable employment.

Who Should Attend?

Job Seekers who are legally entitled to work in Canada and are unemployed or underemployed.

Job Seekers who are interested in increasing their self-marketing skills and self-confidence.

Why Participate in the FWSP?

What our past participants are saying…

“I increased my confidence in job searching as well as in my skills and abilities. I’ve already suggested this program to many of my friends!”
by Chariss

“Being selected for the Foundations Workplace Skills Research Project was really a unique opportunity for me to discover my skills, identify the gaps and now work on enhancement”
by Fadi

“This project is perfect for someone who is willing to focus on improving skills”
by Tatiana

Project Background

Conestoga College, along with the College of the North Atlantic (Newfoundland) was selected to participate in the FWSP by Douglas College in British Columbia. Douglas College received funding from the Government of Canada (Office of Literacy and Essential Skills) to complete this project. The project goal is to gain information into the impact Essential Skills focused training has on individuals’ career success. The research data gained from this study will help to shape the future of employment services in Canada.

Essential Skills are career building blocks. They provide the foundation for on-the-job success and contribute to secreting stable employment with opportunities to move forward in your career. Essential Skills include Reading, Document Use, Writing, Numeracy, Oral Communication, Working with Others, Digital Technology, Critical Thinking, and Continuous Learning.

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