Research and Education

The Schlegel Centre addresses knowledge-to-practice gaps through three inter-related strategies.

Innovation in Education

New products and strategies to optimize education and increase student expertise, readiness and interest in providing seniors’ care:

Best Practice Spotlight Organizations

A Best Practice Spotlight Organization is designated by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) to implement and evaluate RNAO best practice guidelines (BPG). At Conestoga College, an emphasis will be placed on evidence-based practice through the implementation of multiple BPGs into inter-professional curriculum.

Living Classrooms

The Living Classroom at Schlegel Villages is a unique concept that gives future health care professionals the ability to gain experience while learning and working in long-term care and retirement living environments.

Students attending these programs are supported by an interprofessional teaching team of residents, families, college faculty, experts and health care providers employed at Schlegel Villages.

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange workshops present content and training resources based on a knowledge to action framework. These workshops are delivered to college faculty, clinical and resource educators, curriculum experts and program advisory committees, amongst others.

Principles for seniors care curriculum

Principles for seniors care curriculum, developed by the Schlegel Centre, include curriculum mapping surveys, program and professional competencies, curriculum plans and templates, gerontological curriculum resources and case studies, teaching materials and simulated experiential learning strategies.

These principles have been used in the School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services and other schools at Conestoga College to expand the awareness and knowledge of students and faculty towards seniors care.

Development projects to improve graduates' expertise and career preparedness

Building on KTC workshops and curriculum principles for educational programs, the Schlegel Centre leads education, quality improvement and research projects with the goal to improve the gerontological curriculum as well as implementing and evaluating changes to competencies, courses and teaching standards.

Examples include tailored BScN learning residencies and placements in long-term care environments and simulated learning experiences to support personal support workers to care for seniors in their homes.

Student Internships

An internship program for health care students to learn person-centred care leadership and practices at Schlegel Villages, promoting careers in seniors care.

Student engagement in learning with, and about, seniors

A college wide structure offering students the opportunity to engage and be involved in elective courses regarding care for seniors.

Innovation in Evidence-informed Practices and Product Development

Development of new skill sets, processes, products and data to support health care professionals and increase their knowledge in seniors care:

Evidence informed frameworks to enhance health care professional teams at Schlegel Villages

Working with Schlegel Villages to integrate evidence informed care principles in its practice development with the objective of promoting the translation and integration of best practices into practice and care processes and behaviours.

Improved decision support information for practice improvement

This practice links Conestoga’s health informatics faculty and co-op students with teams at Schlegel Villages to optimize, generate and provide indicators about care and human resources for decision making based on Minimum Data Sets (MDS) of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) data.

Integrated students, faculty and village team research projects

Providing students, faculty, seniors, families, and health care professionals at Schlegel Villages the opportunities to assist in the design, implementation and evaluation of seniors care challenges.

Applied Intervention Research to Enhance Care Practices

Evidence-informed processes and practices to improve care and research-informed education to optimize seniors care:

Improving Clinical Care Outcomes for Canadian Seniors

Impact of the applied simulated and integrated learning approach for personal support workers in home care

This project aimed to develop five educational modules on gerontological care with a pedagogical framework used to educate and empower home care workers, and pilot test their efficacy and feasibility of improving home care workers’ care beliefs and attitudes.

Funder: Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development

Funding amount: $49,98

Project team: Veronique Boscart, Linda Sheiban, Lauren Crutchlow, Raquel Betini, Samantha Ernest-Rominger, Sandra Schelling, James Humphreys, Samantha Brandt, Elliot Fung and Sherri- Tyron-Hughes

Partners: Conestoga College’s Ontario Learning Centre and Waterloo-Wellington Health Integration Network