History of the Co-Curricular Record at Conestoga College

In January 2011 stakeholders from across the college were invited to participate on a committee that would guide the CCR development process. Committee members included champions from areas that already provided co-curricular student engagement opportunities, as well as faculty and managers, all of whom had previously participated on the outcomes-based Leadership Series Development Committee, and an educational curriculum consultant. The committee was chaired by Student Life staff.

The committee worked to develop learning outcomes that would be student-friendly, but still afford Conestoga College the opportunity to position our CCR as a competitive advantage. Another major focus was establishing inclusion criteria for co-curricular activities that would fit the needs of Conestoga College.

In late 2012, based on extensive research and with the support of the advisory committee, we concluded that the most appropriate CCR software provider for the CCR and Conestoga would be Campus Labs (developed by Collegiate Link).

In September 2013, senior-level students from the college were invited to participate in an advisory committee that would ensure the CCR met the needs of students. The committee played a significant role in the development of learning outcomes, as well as determining online access points for the software. A strategic communications plan for marketing the CCR was guided by the Student Life Department and created by Student Life Interns.

The Student Life (now known as Student Engagement) manager, coordinator and communications programmer are members of a national Co-Curricular Record professional network. The purpose of the network is to provide professionals with the opportunity to connect with colleagues, and to discuss recommendations on how co-curricular records/transcripts should be structured in Canada. We share research that has been conducted with employers, graduate/professional/certificate programs and discuss CCR best practices, guidelines and quality processes.

The Co-Curricular Record officially launched in September 2014.