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Academic Information

Documents of Recognition

Depending on the program, the official documents awarded by the Board of Governors in recognition of successful completion of a program are:

Other documents include:

Student Achievement Report

The Student Achievement Report includes all courses with or without a formal assessment component. Marks are considered confidential information, and therefore, are not given out over the telephone under any circumstances. When inquiring about your mark, you must provide your Student Identification Number.

The Student Achievement Report is now available via the Student Portal. Students may view their grades by session, or view/print a complete report of their achievement, as reports will not be mailed from the Registrar's Office. Please check the Student Portal.


You may obtain an Affirmation for courses with a formal assessment component by requesting one in writing or in person, from the Registrar's Office, along with the fee to cover the cost of processing. You must provide information regarding the course title and the semester in which you attended the course. This document is suitable for framing.

Statement of Participation

You may obtain a Statement of Participation for courses in which there is no formal assessment which will indicate the student's attendance and participation, provided the course is eligible. The request may be made in writing or in person from the Registrar's Office, along with the fee to cover the cost of processing. This document is suitable for framing. You must provide information regarding the course title and the semester in which you attended the course.


A Transcript is the only official academic record issued by the College. Upon receipt of a written request from the student, the Registrar will mail a Transcript directly to the institution or agency specified on the request form. There is a fee for issuing a Transcript. Please allow two to three weeks for processing.

Withholding of a Document of Recognition

Documents of course/program recognition will be withheld for reasons of failure to complete course/ program requirements or other requirements, which include outstanding college fees or outstanding charges.


Attendance/Grade Evaluation

An attendance record of 80% minimum is recommended for all Continuing Education courses and may be mandatory for some courses and programs.

Attendance Grade Evaluation
90 - 100% A+
80 - 89% A
75 - 79% B+
70 - 74% B
65 - 69% C+
60 - 64% C
55 - 59% D
Below 55% F
Advanced Standing/Exemption EX
Incomplete I
Passed P
*Audit AU
Attended an ungraded course AT
Withdrawal from the course after the official course drop and before 75% of course completion W
Discontinued (initiated by the College) Y
Registered but did not attend DNA
Course outcome in progress I/P

Note: When courses are designed, they are linked to the most appropriate grade scale and so may be recorded in either numeric and/or letter form. For some courses, the minimum passing grade is set at a grade higher than 55% and in these cases, all grades of less than the minimum passing grade will also assigned the letter 'F'. For example, if the minimum passing grade for a course is 65%, if a student earns 60%, the recorded grade will be: 60%, F. If you have questions regarding specific evaluation procedures and passing grades for a course or program, refer to the course outline and/or program information. The course instructor will also be able to provide this information directly.

* Audit: Students must identify themselves as auditing a course at the time of registration. Students auditing a course are restricted to the role of observers in class. They must not write tests/examinations, have course evaluations performed for them or make comments during class.

Convocation Ceremonies

Continuing Education students graduating from programs with the following document of recognition may participate in convocation ceremonies:

Academic Policies

Academic Policies and information on Student Rights and Responsibilities may be found on the College website under the Admissions Office.



A Program is a series of courses. Successful completion of all courses is required in order to obtain a Conestoga College Degree/Diploma or Certificate.


Courses are learning experiences of varying lengths. Recognition may or may not be awarded at the end of the course. Students are responsible to ensure that they have met any prerequisite that may be required.

Course Prerequisite

Students are responsible to ensure that they have met the prerequisite(s) for all courses in which they register.

Program Prerequisite

Some programs have subject requirements. English and Mathematics testing may be required.

Restricted Programs

Continuing Education: Many CE programs leading to a Certificate or Diploma require that students complete a Conestoga College Application Form and be accepted into the program before registering in any course (for example; Educational Assistant, Personal Support Worker).

Unrestricted Programs

Some of Conestoga's unrestricted programs require acceptance into the program prior to registering for courses which are identified as restricted within that program. Courses which are identified as restricted require acceptance into the program prior to registering.

Transfer Credit

Credit is granted to students who have previously achieved the learning outcomes at post-secondary institutions (including Conestoga) and have proven that they have comparable or equivalent learning. The notation of "EX" is used for the grade.

Transfer credit/exemptions are not granted to Information Technology (IT) courses completed more than two years previously. For all other courses the time limit is seven years, unless otherwise noted in the Program Outline.

The maximum credit allowed through Transfer of Credits and credits obtained through (RPL) Recognition of Prior Learning are 75% of the program credits. Therefore, at least 25% of the program credits must be taken under the direct supervision of Conestoga faculty.

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