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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
GINT0457 Bee Keeping - An Introduction

Description: Whether you have always had an interest in bee keeping or this is new venture you would like to peruse, this informative workshop will get you started on the right path. In this course you will learn the basic biology of the honeybees. We will discuss the options of hive locations. Lean how to care for your honeybees in your own backyard or on a foster site. We will practice beekeeping with a mock beehive and get a closer look at bees in a completely enclosed observation hive. This workshop is taught by Erica Shelley, PhD, who has taught natural, treatment-free beekeeping courses to hundreds of people who keep bees in both rural and urban settings. She has traveled around the world learning all types of beekeeping, has appeared on radio talk shows across the globe, and written magazine articles about the plight of the bee. Did you know that you can thank a bee for every 1 in 3 bites we eat? Join us for this exciting course and be a part of saving our honeybee population.
Hours: 6
Credits: 0

6   Closed
GINT0453 Bok Bok 101 - Backyard Chickens: The Basics-How to Start and Keep Hens in Your Backyard

Description: Learn the basics of how to take care of laying hens in your own backyard in all four seasons. What kind of hens to get, what to feed them, best waterers, how to prevent poultry mites, how to care for sick hens, what size and kind of coop, how much space hens need to be happy, effective predator protection, and how to handle excess flies. We will also review best practices for winter hen-keeping, how to prevent water from freezing, how to heat your coop, and prevent your hens from getting cabin fever. This course is taught by Mike Craig OCT, a certified teacher and hen keeper for the last 15 years. Craig owns and operates Backyard Bok Boks, a backyard chicken rental company, that provides turn key set-ups for people to try out hens for 2 weeks to 3 months in their own backyard without the commitment of a permanent set-up.
Hours: 3
Credits: 0

3   Closed

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