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GINT0473 Sewing for All Levels

Description: If you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced sewer you will thoroughly enjoy this versatile sewing course. The course is designed to teach each individual student what they are wanting to learn. If you are a Beginner you will learn to use your sewing machine to its fullest capability as well as, reading and understanding patterns, measurement as it relates to your specific size, and basic clothing, or home Decor construction. If you have some experience in sewing but would like to brush up on your skills, this class will give you the opportunity to expand your understanding of sewing, pattern construction, detailed measurement and you will be able to try more difficult sewing applications with the help of an experience sewing instructor. For the more advanced sewer, you will have the chance to fine tune your current sewing ability and delve into some challenging sewing projects such as tailoring, lingerie and bra construction as well as difficult bathing suit and athletic wear. This course is designed for each individual to work at their own pace with expert instruction to get you to the place you would like to be in your personal sewing achievements.
All students will come to their first class with a well working sewing machine, (and Manual if available) thread, fabric scissors, straight pins, and seam ripper. In addition to these basic requirements:
Beginner students with also need 1/2 meter of poly/cotton broadcloth.
Intermediate and Advanced students will need a pattern of their choice along with all notions required to complete their project.
Hours: 20
Credits: 0

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