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Part-time Courses - Hospitality & Culinary Arts

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Course # Courses Length (Hours) Distance Status
FOOD1085 Nutrition in Health Care - Diet Modification

Description: The basic principles of diet therapy in Long Term Care and the reasons for and importance of special diets will be discussed. Types of diet modifications commonly required by residents/patients in health care facilities will be covered. An overview of the standard menu as the foundation for diet, as well as sources of general and therapeutic nutrition and special diet recipes will be presented.
Hours: 40
Credits: 3

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FOOD1050 Role of the Food Service Worker

Description: The role of the food service employee in health care and within the food service system will be discussed. Accreditation standards, quality assurance, risk management, objectives, policies, procedures, job descriptions, and departmental organization as they apply to the food service employee with be examined. Motivation, training fellow workers and problem solving, along with cost control methods and safe work practices will be covered.
Hours: 30
Credits: 2

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HOSP1480 Sanitation and Safety

Description: In the food service industry, food safety is everyone's job. The necessity and importance of safe food handling practices and maintenance of all areas of a food service establishment is emphasized in this course. Topics will include Ontario Food Premises Regulations, cause and prevention of food-borne illness, temperature control, cleaning and sanitizing, and management responsibilities. Students will also learn about WHMIS and safety procedures in the workplace.
Hours: 20
Credits: 1

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GINT0087 Wine and Food Pairing

Description: Enjoy a delicious dinner in our dining room, bloom. These dinners are fun and educational. A different menu each month with wines to complement the meal. Our Sommelier will talk about the various components of wines and food, and why certain elements enhance one another.
Hours: 3
Credits: 0

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