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Fees and Information

Please be advised that as of October 1, 2018, the Registrar’s Office will no longer accept cash for payment of Conestoga student fees. This change is consistent with the approach already adopted by many other colleges, and will result in increased efficiency and safety for both our students and employees. You can pay fees online through the Student Portal, or in person by credit card, debit card, web banking or money order.

Continuing Education Incidental Fees

Administrative Fee
Continuing Education students enrolled in courses and programs pay an administrative fee of 48¢ per student credit hour to a maximum of $23.04. If the College cancels a course, the full administrative fee will be refunded.

Continuing Education Graduation/Alumni Fee
This per program fee of $42.60 provides for all services related to graduation, convocation and the Alumni Association.

CSI Association Fee
Continuing Education students enrolled in Category 1 Post-Secondary program course(s) will be charged a CSI Association fee at: $0.45 per hour to a maximum of $20.00 per course.

Resources Enhancement Fee

Continuing Education students pay a fee which is used to enhance and upgrade the equipment and facilities for all C.E. students at the College. A fee of 51¢ per student credit hour is charged to a maximum of $24.48 per course.

Student Priority Fee
This fee funds services, projects and initiatives of direct benefit to students. The priorities are set jointly by the College and Conestoga Student Incorporated (C.S.I.). The fee applies to courses that are part of certificate/diploma/ degree programs as well as general education electives. Fees are charged at 24¢ per credit hour to a maximum of $11.52 per course.

Income Tax Receipts

The T2202A tax form is a downloadable PDF form that will be issued by the end of February each year, to all Continuing Education students that qualify. Your T2202A tax form can be accessed online through the Student Portal, under the ‘Financial’ tab. Please refer to the Income Tax Guide or visit their Website at to determine eligibility for tuition and education tax credits.


Tuition fees are subject to review on an annual basis. Tuition fees are not transferable from one semester to another. Many courses and seminars offered through Continuing Education are subject to HST.

Reduced Fees for Senior Citizens
Part-time students, age 60 or over, may take many courses for a reduced tuition fee. This discount applies to tuition fees (does not apply to supplies, equipment, tuition fees for seminars and tuition fees for some specialty courses). Please contact the Registrar's Office, 519-748-5220, ext. 3656, to confirm your tuition fee discount.

Returned Cheques
A fee of $30 will be charged for each cheque returned to us by your bank, due to nonsufficient funds, stopped payment, incorrect account number, etc.

Post-Dated Cheques
Do not submit post-dated cheques. Your application and cheque may be returned to you.

Credit Card Transactions
If your VISA/Mastercard/American Express transaction is declined your registration cannot be processed.

Confirmation of Registration
If you have not received an email confirmation within 2 weeks of submitting your Part-Time Course Registration Form you must contact the Registration Office at 519-748-3550. If you do not provide an email address your confirmation will be mailed.

Course Transfer Fee
A $25 Course Transfer Fee will be charged to students requesting to change courses in which they are registered within the refund period/registration deadline for the course. The fee must be paid at the time the transfer is requested. If request is made by telephone, students must supply their credit card information as payment. If request is made in person, payment will be accepted by debit, cheque or credit card.

Part-Time Program Admission

Continuing Education students working towards a Conestoga certificate or diploma must apply to the program by filling out the Program Application Form. A non-refundable fee of $30 will be charged at receipt of the application. For more information about program requirements, please visit the program requirements on the program page. Your program design is subject to change until you are accepted into the program.


Details about your course(s) refund policy can be found on your confirmation of registration which can be accessed on the Student Portal, under the ‘My Courses’ tab and was emailed to you at time of registration.

Student Withdrawal/Dropping a Course

Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the start date can do so on the Student Portal or by contacting the Registrar's Office. A mark of "W" will be assigned if withdrawal is prior to 67% of course completion. A mark of "F" (academic penalty) will be assigned if withdrawal is after 67% of completion. Failure to attend does not constitute a withdrawal.

To withdraw and request a refund from a course, the Registrar's Office must be notified within the time period specified in the "Refund Policy" on the Confirmation of Registration and student identification number must be provided. We regret that exceptions to the refund policy cannot be made for students who register late in a course. After the start of the first class, refunds for supplies and/or association fees may not be issued.

OSAP, Awards and Bursaries

Financial Assistance
Canadian citizens and landed immigrants/ permanent residents accepted into a ministry-approved program which leads to a Conestoga certificate or diploma may apply for financial assistance under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 519-748-5220 ext. 3378.

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