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Fall 2017 Convocation - Order of Ceremonies

November 16, 2017, 2:30 PM


Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting, Audit and Information Technology (Co-op)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - International Business Management (Co-op)
Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) (Co-op)
Applied Organizational Leadership and Development
Business Administration - Accounting
Business Administration - Accounting (Co-op)
Business Administration - Financial Planning
Business Administration - Management
Business Administration - Marketing
Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op)
Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op)
Business Foundations
Business - Marketing
Business - Purchasing
Career Development Practitioner
Financial Planning Services
Global Business Management
Health Office Administration
Human Resources
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management (Co-op)
Insurance-Property and Casualty
Integrated Marketing Communications
Library and Information Technician
Medical Office Practices
Municipal Law Clerk
Occupational Health and Safety
Office Administration - Executive
Office Administration - General
Office Administration - Legal
Office Administration - Veterinary
Professional Accounting Practice
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Teacher/Trainer Of Adults


Culinary Management
Culinary Management (Co-op)
Culinary Skills - Chef Training
Culinary Skills - Chef Training (Co-op)
Food Service Worker
Global Hospitality Management (Co-op)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (Co-op)

Health & Life Sciences

Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours) (Co-op)
Biotechnology Technician
Diabetes Education
Enhanced Nursing Practice - Clinical and Critical Care
Enhanced Professional Practice - Gerontology and Chronic Illness
Infusion Nursing
Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant
Personal Support Worker
Practical Nursing
Pre-Health Sciences
Registered Nurse - Cardiac Care Nursing
Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing
Registered Nurse - Perinatal Nursing
Registered Nurse - Perioperative Nursing
Registered Practical Nurse - Perinatal Nursing
Registered Practical Nurse - Perioperative Nursing

Community Services

Bachelor of Community & Criminal Justice (Honours) (Co-op)
Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Honours) (Co-op)
Autism and Behavioural Science
Child Development Practitioner (Apprenticeship)
Early Childhood Education
Educational Assistant
Human Services Foundation
Law Enforcement and Investigation
Police Foundations
Pre-Service Fire Fighter Education and Training
Protection, Security and Investigation
Recreation and Leisure Services

Language and Communications Studies

American Sign Language - Basic Skills
General Arts and Science: English Language Studies
Teaching English as a Second Language

Liberal Studies

Aviation - General Arts and Science
General Arts and Science - Diploma Option
General Arts and Science - One Year
Public Service
Public Service (Co-op)

Media and Design

Graphic Design
Graphic Design - Software Applications
Interior Decorating

November 16, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) (Co-op)
Bachelor of Applied Technology - Architecture - Project and Facility Management (Co-op)
Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering (Co-op)
Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering (Co-op)
Civil Engineering Technology
Construction Estimator
Construction Project Management
Electrical Engineering Technician
Embedded Systems Development
Embedded Systems Development (Co-op)
Environmental Engineering Applications
Environmental Engineering Applications (Co-op)
Food Processing Technician
Food Safety and Quality Assurance - Food Processing
Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Welding and Robotics
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing (Co-op)
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing (Co-op)
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design & Analysis
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis (Co-op)
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Robotics and Automation
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Robotics and Automation (Co-op)
Packaging Engineering Technician (Co-op)
Power Engineering Techniques
Process Quality Engineering
Quality Assurance
Robotics and Industrial Automation (Co-op)
Welding Techniques
Wireless Network Infrastructure
Woodworking Technician
Woodworking Technology (Co-op)

Information Technology

Computer Applications Security
Computer Applications Security (Co-op)
Computer Applications Development
Computer Applications Development (Co-op)
Information Technology Business Analysis
Information Technology Business Analysis - Operations
Information Technology Network Security
Information Technology Support Services
Information Technology Support Services (Co-op)
Mobile Solutions Development
Mobile Solutions Development (Co-op)
Software Engineering Technology
Software Engineering Technology (Co-op)

Trades and Apprenticeship

Construction Techniques
Electrical Techniques
Electrician - Industrial (Apprenticeship)
Electrician Construction and Maintenance (Apprenticeship)
Electro-Mechanical Maintenance (Co-op)
Heating/Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
Heavy Equipment Operator
Heavy Equipment Techniques
Mechanical Technician - CNC
Mechanical Techniques - General Machinist
Mechanical Techniques - Millwright
Mechanical Techniques - Millwright (Co-op)
Mechanical Techniques - Tool and Die/Tool Maker
Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Service
Motive Power Fundamentals - Motorcycle and Power Sports Vehicles
Motive Power Fundamentals - Truck and Coach
Motive Power Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment
Powerline Technician
Powerline Technician (Co-op)
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