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We were extremely fortunate to have our instructor. Her knowledge and credentials are outstanding and I learned much more than just the course material. Her teaching will stay with me for my personal use as well as any potential job.

-Participant, Food Safety

Lift Truck (Forklift) (MOTV1230)


Learn about the safe operation of a Lift Truck in an industrial environment.


This course is designed to give students the knowledge and understanding in the safe operation of a Lift Truck pertinent to an industrial environment. Students will be introduced to operating, lifting and moving loads in a controlled and safe manner. This course will also provide students with the basic knowledge required to work safely in areas exposed to driving hazards, as well as operating around others. A review of legislative requirements, OHSA and CSA standards will also be discussed. The student will also be able to demonstrate an awareness of the purpose, function and basic concepts of propane cylinder exchange and battery changing and charging.


Attend This Workshop if You:

Duration: 12 hours

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