Assessment Criteria

  1. Learning must be measurable
  2. Learning must have both a theoretical and applied component
  3. Learning must be at college level
  4. Learning must bear significant relationship to the individuals’ educational goals
  5. Learning must satisfy the current course objectives using the primary methods of assessment:
    • Challenge Exam
    • Portfolio Development
  6. Credits are granted on a course-by-course basis.
  7. The maximum number of credits allowed through transfer of credits/exemptions and credits obtained through PLAR is 75% of the program credits.  Therefore, at least 25% of the program must be taken under the direct supervision of Conestoga faculty.
  8. Only one attempt per course is available through PLAR. A failed attempt would require that the student take the course

*NOTE: An exam is the only method available to receive credit for a computer course. Portfolios are not acceptable.