Challenge Methods

If a PLAR process is approved, assessment may take the form of a portfolio review or a challenge exam:

PLAR candidates should contact the PLAR office for guidance prior to registering for the PLAR process. The PLAR office assesses each candidate’s needs and provides information relevant to the individual’s goals and circumstances.

*NOTE: An exam is the only method available to receive credit for a computer course. Portfolios are not acceptable.

1. Portfolio Development

A Portfolio is an organized collection of materials which records and verifies an adult's learning achievements and relates them to the requirements of an education or training program, a work standard, or a professional qualification.

Portfolio development produces a valuable product, but the process is also important in helping learners analyze, understand and be able to explain to others what they know and can do as well as what they still need to learn. The process of portfolio development proves to be a long process but provides a structured opportunity for learners to review and evaluate their past experiences and the learning which has resulted from them. PLAR candidates must seek their Program Coordinators’ approval and guidance to develop a portfolio.

These are the components usually contained in a portfolio:

Portfolio assessment is a method of assessment, supervised and guided by the subject-expert faculty, which evaluates the candidate’s collection of documented evidence related to education (formal/informal) and non-formal learning. The portfolio assessment method measures the candidate’s learning against the course outcomes for the purpose of obtaining course credit.

Portfolio assessment at Conestoga may also take the form of evaluation of:

2. The Challenge Exam

The challenge exam is a method of assessment, developed and evaluated by subject-expert faculty, which evaluates the candidate’s learning achievement against course outcomes. The challenge exam method measures learning through a written/oral exam and/or demonstration for the purpose of awarding course credit.