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Course-based Registration

Course-based registration allows you to build your timetable by selecting preferred course sections (day/time/faculty).

Schedule Builder is an online self-serve tool to assist you in planning your timetable. It allows you to graphically view schedule options, choose desired courses, save a preference, and eventually create a timetable based on the courses and times that work best for you. The schedule builder arranges selected courses into conflict-free timetable options and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

How to build your schedule

The following information is for students in business programs at the Doon campus, including two-year or three-year business diploma, business fundamentals, office administration, health office administration and medical office practice programs. For a complete list of programs using course-based registration, visit Winter 2019 registration/Enrolment Information.

Using Schedule Builder

Follow the 1-2-3 steps:

1. Plan your schedule

Beginning December 3, 2018, if you have paid your fees or have made a payment arrangement through the registrar’s office, you can access Schedule Builder through the Student Portal, and start planning your timetable.

Course registration opens December 10, 2018. In order to register for courses, your fees must be paid or you must have made a payment arrangement through the registrar's office. Refer to the schedule below to determine when you can begin registration.

Monday, December 10

Tuesday, December 11

Log in to the Student Portal, go to 'My Courses' and review your progress report. 

2. Create your schedule

Go to the 'Add Course/Choose Elective using Schedule Builder' button from your 'My Courses' screen:

You may:

If registration is not open, you may save your planned schedule by clicking 'Add to favourites.'  Note: You are not yet enrolled in the courses.  You must return and complete your registration when registration opens.

3. Confirm your courses

Keep in mind that selecting courses using Schedule Builder allows you to create your personalized schedule.  You are not enrolled in the courses until you have completed all steps of the process.

To enrol in your courses, you must:  

You will be presented with the courses that you are enrolled in - all have been pinned.  (To unpin a course, click on the pin wherever located on the screen.) If you wish to make a course change, follow the instructions at the beginning. You may verify your enrolment and timetable through the Student Portal under the 'My Courses/My Timetable' tab. 

Tips and hints for using Schedule Builder:

Narrowing down your results

There are simple ways to narrow your results and find your best schedule:

Browsing through your results

To browse through your generated schedules, you can use either the arrow keys on the page, or the arrow keys on your keyboard (saves you time when you review results). When you hold down the arrow key, it will speed scroll through the different options.

Resolving conflicts

If you select a course that creates a conflict with the courses you have already pinned, the number of your results will automatically get reduced to zero and the system will display the following message: 'No Results. There are no conflict-free schedule combinations with the selected courses.' Also, in the 'SELECT COURSES' panel, the message 'All classes of this course conflict with all classes of X' will show up for all conflicted courses. A small exclamation mark icon precedes this warning.

Sharing your schedule with others

Sharing your schedule will allow you to send your schedule to another recipient. 


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