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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - International Business Management - 2017/18

Level 1
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Introduction to Business with International ApplicationsBUS71190 $116
Introduction to MicroeconomicsECON71050 $87
Academic CommunicationsENGL71000 *
Business MathMATH71775 $112
Project Management with International ApplicationsMGMT72095 $164 *
Level 2
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Introductory AccountingACCT71210 $236
Information ManagementCOMP72370 $121
Introduction to Macroeconomics with International ApplicatoinsECON71030 $87
Professional CommunciationENGL72000 $59
MarketingMKT71090 $82
Operations Management IOPER71260 $104
Level 3
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Organizational Behaviour with International ApplicationsBUS71200 $102
Co-Op and Career PreparationCDEV71050 *
Database ManagementCOMP72105 *
International MarketingMKT72200 *
Global Supply Chain ManagementOPER72100 $120
Applied StatisticsSTAT72785 $103
Level 4
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Introductory AccountingACCT72500 *
Business LawLAW72200 $159
International Human Resources ManagementMGMT72100 $150
Research MethodsRSCH73100 $198
Conflict ManagementSOC73180 $85

* This course may have a required physical textbook that is not included in the eText initiative fees. Please check with the Bookstore website for a complete list of requirements.

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