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Process Quality Engineering - 2018/19

Level 1
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Quality, Strategy and Value CreationQUAL8000 $*
Measurement System and Process Capability AnalysisQUAL8010 $90
Applied Statistical Techniques - BasicQUAL8020
Customer/Supplier RelationshipQUAL8030
Quality PlanningQUAL8040
Lean Six SigmaQUAL8050 $*
Design Of ExperimentsQUAL8160
Level 2
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Root Cause Analysis and Structured Problem SolvingQUAL8060
Applied Statistical Techniques - AdvancedQUAL8070
Operations ManagementQUAL8080 $105
Project Quality ManagementQUAL8090
Reliability MethodsQUAL8100
Design of Experiments - AdvancedQUAL8110 $90
Quality and Environmental Systems AuditingQUAL8120
Topics in Quality EngineeringQUAL8130

* this course may have a required physical textbook that is not included in the eText initiative fees. Please check with the Bookstore website for a complete list of requirements.
** the resource is a physical textbook that will be provided to students in class
^ the resource is retained from the course listed

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