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Information Technology Business Analysis - Operations - 2018/19

Level 1
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Software IntegrationCOMP8200 $151
Introduction to Information SystemsINFO8360 $92
Introduction to Information Technology Project ManagementMGMT8490 $90
Level 2
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
User Interface and User eXperience Design (UI & UXD)INFO8350 $72
SQL and Data AnalysisINFO8375 $84
Information Modeling and VisualizationINFO8395 $38
Business Processes AnalysisINFO8405 $40
Level 3
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Communications for Effective Business AnalysisCOMM8205 $39
Communications for Business Systems SolutionsCOMM8220 $52
Enterprise Resource PlanningINFO8430
Customer Needs Using Social MediaINFO8450 $43

* this course may have a required physical textbook that is not included in the eText initiative fees. Please check with the Bookstore website for a complete list of requirements.
** the resource is a physical textbook that will be provided to students in class
^ the resource is retained from the course listed

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