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Web Design and Development - 2017/18

Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Responsive Site DesignDSGN8230 $106
Image ManipulationGRDN8070 $45
JavaScript ProgrammingPROG8310 $75
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Web Site SecurityINFO8820 $48
Database Design and MaintenancePROG8320 $80
Advanced Programming with .NetPROG8330 $80
Course TitleCourse CodeFee
Database Connectivity using Advanced ControlsPROG8340 $75
Applicatoin Development for AndroidPROG8350 $80
Data VisualizationPROG8360 $75

* This course may have a required physical textbook that is not included in the eText initiative fees. Please check with the Bookstore website for a complete list of requirements.

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