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Event Planning

Facilities Management books all activities for college facilities for external and internal activities. The Facilities Management Office is to be informed of all bookings that are intended with as much lead time as possible by the organizer of the event.

Various forms have been developed to assist in the planning of events. These are found on the college website under Forms and Guidelines and are available through the Facilities Management Office.

  1. Special Events Request Form  (pdf) - Note that this is required for approval of the event.
  2. Request for Licensed Event  (pdf) - Note that this is required for approval of the event where the service of alcohol is requested.

The Facility Management Office will provide campus floor plans or site plans to assist in the planning of the event upon request.

The college has in place rental fees that are reviewed annually that are charged to all outside groups using space. Any college- related activities approved by a Dean or Vice President of the area involved are not charged rental fees. It is the practice of the college to not rent rooms to those clients that may be in competition with the college.

Note a Special Events Request Form must be completed and approved prior to any set-up for the event taking place.


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