How to Apply for Awards

Conestoga has over 400 awards, scholarships and bursaries available each year. Students must submit an application each term to be considered for all of the awards for which requirements are met. The award application is available through the Student Portal and closes one month after the start of each term.

To be considered for an award, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal
  2. Select the Financial tab
  3. Click on My Award Applications
  4. Select the current term
  5. Complete all of the information in each tab
  6. Review your application and submit

2020-2021 Awards Application Dates

Term Application Opens Application Closes
Fall 2020  September 21, 2020  October 9, 2020
Winter 2021  February 1, 2021
February 19, 2021
Spring 2021  May 31, 2021
June 18, 2021

You will be notified at your Conestoga email when the awards application opens each term.

Frequently asked questions

Can I update my application after I have submitted it?

Yes. You can update a submitted application any time until the deadline. Please remember to save and submit each time you make changes.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still submit my application?

No. Late applications are not accepted.

What awards are available through the application?

By submitting the awards application you will be considered for any Conestoga award, scholarship, bursary or grant that requires an application. A complete list of what is available may be found in the Awards Directory.

When will I know if I am receiving an award?

After the application deadline, students will be notified at any time before the end of the term if they are shortlisted, or selected, for an award. All communications about awards will go to your Conestoga email. Please note that only selected students will be contacted.

What does it mean if I am shortlisted for an award?

This means that you have already met some of the criteria to be considered for an award (i.e. minimum GPA, specific program, etc.), but we require some additional information from you in order to complete the selection of the award recipient. Being shortlisted does not guarantee that you will receive an award. Common supplementary information we may ask for includes:

I am a part-time student. Can I apply for awards?

If you are in a full-time program but taking a reduced course load, and are registered with Accessibility Services, you can complete the application. If you are registered part-time through Continuing Education, you can not complete the application.

I am an international student. Can I apply for awards?

Yes. International students may apply for awards, however, the number of awards available to international students is limited. You may also check with the International Office for awards.

I am on co-op this term. Can I apply for awards?

No. Students who are on a co-op term are not eligible to receive awards while they are on a work-term. If you are in a co-op program, you are encouraged to apply for awards every term you are in classes.

Why can't I access the awards application?

The awards application is only available to students who are currently registered (or pre-registered) in a given term and who are not on co-op.

I submitted the application. Why didn't I receive an award?

Completing the awards application does not guarantee that you will receive an award. Each award has unique criteria that are required for selection. In some cases you simply may not meet the criteria for an award. Two of the most common reasons a student may not be selected are because they forgot to click submit after completing all of the application sections, or their application is incomplete.