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Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships

Conestoga College's Student Financial Services administers over 400 awards, bursaries and scholarships, worth more than $3.8 million, including $1.3 million in donor-funded awards, each year.

The Awards Directory lists all of the awards available through Student Financial Services. To be eligible for many of these awards students must submit an award application each term.

Awards Directory

The following list of awards are available to students in all programs. We also offer additional program-specific awards which you can search by keyword.

Abell Research & Internship Award
These awards, sponsored by Abell Pest Control, recognize the high quality of research being conducted by students at Conestoga College. The outstanding research awards will be presented annually to a student in Conestoga’s Bachelor of Environmental Public Health, for conducting outstanding research related to environmental public health issues in Canada and abroad.
Bachelor of Environmental Public Health
Terms offered
Health & Life Sciences


The following are administered by Conestoga College's Student Financial Services. There are many others co-ordinated by individual programs - ask your faculty or program co-ordinator about awards specific to your program.

Note: Student Financial Services is committed to ensuring accurate information; however, individual awards, criteria, and values are subject to change.


Award: A monetary award based on a combination of criteria which may include merit, community involvement or financial need. May be used interchangeably with “academic grant”. May also be used to refer to awards, bursaries and scholarships collectively.

Bursary: A monetary award based on financial need. Bursaries may include other criteria for selection such as a specific program, gender or heritage.

Scholarship: A monetary award based on academic performance, and in some cases, other forms of earned merit.