OSAP Requiring Further Action

Academic Probation Notice for OSAP

Students are required to satisfactorily complete the academic requirements of their program to continue to be eligible for financial assistance. That means a student must achieve passing grades, as defined by the institution, in the minimum required course load (at least 60 per cent of a full course load, or 40 per cent for students registered with a permanent disability).

Students are also expected to progress through the different years of the program of study while studying in a multi-year program. Frequent or multiple program switches, drops, withdrawals, and/or multiple repeats of a program, which are funded by OSAP, also may be considered lack of progress and lack of academic direction on the part of the student.

Students who do not meet the criteria may be placed on OSAP probation and/or restriction from receiving any additional funding from any OSAP programs.

Documentation required for Academic Probation restriction:

Loan Overpayment

If there is a discrepancy between the income reported to OSAP and the income information received from Canada Revenue Agency or the time that you were enrolled, your application will be reassessed using the Canada Revenue Agency information. As a result, your eligibility and the amount of assistance you are eligible to receive may change.

If you are only overpaid in one academic year, you have two options:

  1. You may repay the overpayment to the National Student Loan Service Centre. If you repay the overpayment, please provide our office with your receipt that it has been paid. Our office will update your file and the overpayment will be removed from your account.
  2. You may leave the overpayment on your account. If you are overpaid in one year, OSAP allows for the first overpayment to be exempt. If you choose not to repay your first overpayment, future OSAP funding will not be affected. If a second overpayment occurs in a subsequent academic year, the second overpayment will have to be paid before any further funding is issued.

Income Variance

If the ministry determines that there is a significant variance between the income information reported to OSAP and the income information received from Canada Revenue Agency, you will not be eligible for any further assistance from OSAP for up to five years. The Ministry will send you a letter requesting an explanation of the amount and source of your income. It will use this information to conduct a review to determine if you are eligible for further assistance. It is important to note that if there is a significant variance between the income reported to OSAP and the amount reported to Canada Revenue Agency, you may be subject to further investigation and possible legal action.

Previous Loan Restrictions

If you have defaulted on payments of previous loans and now have a restriction, you may need to contact the following offices for further information:
Provincial Restriction- (Ontario Shared Services) 1-800-387-5604
Federal Restriction- (National Student Loan Service Centre) 1-888-815-4514