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Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours)
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Health & Life Sciences
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Academic Year:
2018 / 2019
Notice: Students in this program are required to bring a mobile device that meets minimum specified requirements.

Pre-Practicum Health & Safety Requirements Form FAQs

You are taking the first steps to becoming a professional through your program in the School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services at Conestoga College!

Realizing your vision of having a high performing career in the health and community services field requires that you start your program having met the same safety and health requirements that are mandatory for new employees in your field. The practicum health and safety requirements that are mandatory for your program can be found under the Practicum Forms tab within the myConestoga Practicum Services community.

As a future professional in your chosen career, you may need to be able to demonstrate that:

  1. You have a clear police check for vulnerable persons. This is the first implication for you of provincial regulations governing work in health care and community service organizations.
  2. Your immunizations are current for your safety and the safety of people in your care.
  3. Your TB status is known and allows you to work safely with others and that you will have baseline information for yourself should you encounter a person with TB in the workplace.
  4. You have a current First Aid and CPR certificate (at the level appropriate to your career), so that you can be a resource to persons in need.
  5. You have been Mask Fit tested so that you will be ready to work safely in the event of an infectious situation (if applicable).

Your program includes a practicum experience early in your course of studies; employers request that you have met the above requirements before you come to their organization.

Most importantly, your plan to be a graduate and embark on your chosen career depends on completing this practicum - we do not want these plans to end because you failed to meet the above requirements!

  1. Why do I need a Health Passport?
  2. What happens if I cannot go to field/clinical placement?
  3. When does the Health Passport need to be completed?
  4. As a student, what are my responsibilities?
  5. How do I obtain a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (Form A)?
  6. Regarding health requirements, what could I be asked for?
  7. How long will it take me to complete the pre-practicum health forms (Forms A, B, C, D, E)?
  8. Tuberculin testing (Form C)
  9. If required, where can I take the required Standard First Aid and CPR level course(s)?
  10. If required, where can I have my Mask Fit testing done?
  11. Why do my health forms need to be reviewed by Conestoga College’s Practicum Nurse?
  12. Where do I submit the pre-practicum health forms (Forms A, B, C, D) and documents when finished?
  13. Who pays for the health form costs?
  14. How much will this cost me?
  15. What happens if some information on my forms is missing?
  16. What happens when my practicum health forms are "cleared"?
  17. I have misplaced my Practicum Package. Where can I get one?
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SEP, 2018 Doon Open
** Status applicable to domestic students
Program status for international students

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