Welcome to Intercultural Communication (ICC)

Intercultural Communication (ICC) Skills refer to your ability to communicate effectively with individuals from different cultural, religious, social, and educational backgrounds. This includes communicating both with individuals raised in other countries and those raised in other generations!

When you are skilled in ICC this means that when you exchange information or knowledge all parties (including yourself) can contribute, learn, and feel that their beliefs, values and expectations are respected.

Being skilled in intercultural communication is not about giving up your dearly-held beliefs and values. It's about finding a place in between differences where sharing can occur.

Because our culture informs how we encode messages, what mediums we choose for transmitting them (in-person, by phone, by text message, on Facebook, alone or in a group, etc.), and the way messages are interpreted, we need to expect that it will take skill upgrading each time we interact with a new culture. The more we practice and learn, the easier each new culture gets.

A number of Human Resources studies have found that there will be an increasing need for personnel with intercultural skills, intercultural experts, research and knowledge in cultural practices, and workplace and material internationalization. Your ability to communicate effectively interculturally will be a great job asset. Diverse educational areas such as such as anthropology, communication, cultural studies, international business, linguistics, sociology, and psychology are all deeply interested in intercultural communication and its impact.

It is our hope that these materials will help you to increase your ICC skill level so that you can participate in our increasingly global environment.

We all need to improve our skills in: