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New World: Welcoming our International and Newcomer Students

As our community continues to grow, we are welcoming increasing numbers of international and immigrant students to the college. You may be a newcomer yourself. Newcomers to Canada often face many special challenges.

In the following video, you are going to hear some of our faculty and students talk about their intercultural experiences at the college. We hope watching "New World: Welcoming International and Newcomer Students" provides all of us with a better understanding of the journey we are taking together.

Pre-Video Reflection Questions

  1. Have you ever had the experience of travelling to or living within a new culture? If so, how did you feel anticipating going? On arrival? Two weeks later? At the end of your sojourn?
  2. What have been three of your biggest worries, concerns, or challenges working with individuals from cultures different from your own?
  3. When you meet someone who was raised in a culture and/or generation different from your own, how do you seek to build a bridge of understanding and community? What is one best practice you could share with others?

This video is 18 minutes long. Please pause and reflect between each section. Please note that full screen, closed captions and a transcript are available.

Post-Video Reflection Questions

  1. Which part of the video interested or touched you the most?
  2. Is there learning or sharing that you can take from this reaction?
  3. Can you make a change in your interactions or practices to welcome international and newcomer students even more effectively? In your own work? Your department? The college? The wider community?

Please contact Kathryn Brillinger, Teaching and Learning Consultant to share your ideas.

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