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Welcome to the School of Liberal Studies

The School of Liberal Studies is your gateway to a variety of college or university programs and a launching pad where you may discover your passion. This fast-paced, exciting school will help your creativity blossom and your professionalism evolve. It might even help to crystallize your plans for a career path or further academic studies.

We feature programs that are stepping stones to further studies. The General Arts and Sciences programs at the certificate and diploma levels prepare students for further studies, either at college or university. In addition, the General Arts and Sciences Aviation diploma program provides graduates with a diploma, as well as the aircraft pilot skills to allow them to undertake the Transport Canada commercial pilot licence testing. Finally, the graduate certificate program in Public Service provides students with the knowledge, skills and practical experience critical to a career in all aspects of public service.

Our School is also responsible for the Diploma General Education and Degree Breadth Liberal Studies elective courses which form an integral part of all college programs. These courses expand the breadth and scope of your learning by focusing on areas other than the program-related vocational studies.

Our first-class facilities and reputation make the School of Liberal Studies an excellent choice to begin your post-secondary education and life career path.

Liberal Studies Supplemental Policy

The following policy is in addition to the college-wide policy for the Clearance of Academic Deficiencies.

In order to qualify for a supplemental exam or for supplemental work, a student must have achieved no less than 50% as a final grade for a diploma-level course or no less than 50% as a final grade for a degree-level course. In addition, the student’s work must be free of plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty.

In order to write a supplemental, students must apply at the Registrar’s Office and pay the required fee. This must be done within 5 business days after the final grade is posted. The student must complete the supplemental evaluation within 15 business days after the final grade for the course is posted.

It is the student’s responsibility to check the grade postings. It is not the responsibility of the professor to seek out the student and offer a supplemental.

School of Liberal Studies Plagiarism Policy

See the Student Rights and Responsibilities explained in the Student Guide document.

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